We are a husband and wife team

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We offer professional antique pottery restoration services,

pottery restoration classes and kits, home study cd's

and restored antique pottery, porcelain and china.

We offer restoration services on many types of

pottery, porcelain and china,

such as:

Early English Staffordshire transferware

Flow blue

English Mochaware





Dark Blue Historical transferware and pearlware.





Old Sleepy Eye

Blue and White Stoneware

Antique porcelain clock cases



Professional Restoration Services  with free online estimates.

Pottery Restoration Classes


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Home Study CD's

Antique Pottery Restoration Process Procedures

Volumes 1-6  2,941 pages


Volume 1 - Introduction to the work area, tools and materials.

Volume 2 - Cleaning and Structural Repair

Volume 3 - Stain Removal

Volume 4 - Replacing Missing Parts

Volume 5 - Fill and Sanding

Volume 6 - Color Matching and Painting.

Antique Pottery Restoration Color Recipes

Volumes 1-6  1,915 pages


Volume 1 - Introduction to Color and Supplies.

Volume 2 - Common Colors and Base Colors Recipes

Volume 3 - Color Recipes

Volume 4 - Roseville Pottery Color Recipes

Volume 5 - Hull Pottery Color Recipes

Volume 6 - Stoneware and Yellowware Color Recipes

We have used the "Flip Album" program which shows the information as a book.

The pages are turned with a click of the mouse in the top right hand corner.


Antique Pottery Restoration

Process Procedures

Volumes 1-6


This CD includes 6 volumes with 2,941 pages and explains in detail using many pieces of damaged pottery.

The techniques shown are a result of experience, careful study and success.

 Some of the many beautiful pieces of pottery shown as examples are:

Historical and Romantic Staffordshire, transferware, soft paste, pearlware,Flow Blue, Flow Mulberry, Leeds, Gaudy Dutch, Old Sleepy Eye, Newcomb, Red Wing, Spatterware, Mochaware, Yellowware, Blue and White Stoneware, Salt glaze Stoneware, Weller, Roseville, Hull, Holt Howard pixieware...and more.

A complete suppliers list is included in Volume 1 with phone numbers, addresses and email addresses. All tools and materials are state of the art and highly recommended for the restoration of all types of pottery, porcelain and fine china. No kiln is needed.

 We truly hope that you will become a part of this growing interest in pottery restoration and we will do everything we can to help.

We have professionally restored over 3000 pieces of pottery, porcelain and china. .

Antique Pottery Restoration

Color Recipes

Volumes 1-6

This CD contains 1,915 pages showing drop by drop color recipes for many types and colors of pottery.   

A piece of pottery may have as many as 12 colors needed for it's restoration. All of these colors may not be needed for a small chip repair on its top rim; but we show the recipes for these colors. Some of these colors can be used with other types of pottery and other restorations that you may encounter.


Following is a list of all the different pieces used for color matching.

Fiesta Red Vase

Franciscan Teapot

Made in Japan Pansy Bowl

McCoy Dark Brown Jardiniere

McCoy Turquoise Jardiniere

McCoy Uncle Sam Planter

McCoy U.S. Mail Planter

Niloak Mission Swirl Vase

Paris Porcelain Doll Head

Purinton Teaset

Staffordshire Green Teaset

Staffordshire Mulberry

Staffordshire Red Sugar

Watt Apple Lid

Watt Pitcher

Wedgwood Coffeepot

Weller Louwelsa Vase

Roseville Bittersweet Vase 

Roseville Bleeding Heart Vase

Roseville Carnelain 1 Vase

Roseville Clematis Basket

Roseville Columbine blue Vase

Roseville Columbine orange Vase

Roseville Cosmos Console Bowl

Roseville Foxglove Vase

Roseville Gardenia green Vase

Roseville Holland Pitcher

Roseville Juvenile Childs dish

Roseville Laurel green Console Bowl

Roseville Laurel gold Vase

Roseville Pinecone Vase

Roseville Snowberry blue Console Bowl

Roseville Snowberry dusty rose basket

Roseville Sunflower Vase

Hull Bandana Duck Planter

Hull Bowknot Ewer

Hull Ebb Tide Mermaid Planter

Hull Magnolia Matte Candle Holder 27-4"

Hull Magnolia Matte Console Bowl 26-12"

Hull Magnolia Matte Vase 12-6 1/4"

Hull Water Lily Vase L2-5 1/2" Cinnamon

Hull Water Lily Vase L2 5 1/2 Pink

Hull  Water Lily Vase L4-6 1/2" Pink

Hull Wild Flower Ewer W2-5 1/2" Pink

Hull Wild Flower Vase W3-5 1/2" Yellow

Hull Wild Flower Vase W6-7 1/2" Pink

Hull Woodland Vase W15-8 1/2"

Bennington Pitcher

Blue and White Stoneware Cattails Pitcher

Blue and White Stoneware Eagle Pitcher

Mocha Mug

Old Sleepy Eye Pitcher

Stoneware Crock

Stoneware Mini Jug

Yellowware Chamber Pot

The following is another list of each color shown in this drop by drop recipe book.

Roseville Base Cream

Roseville Base Yellow

Hull Base

Stoneware Base

Stoneware 2

Stoneware 3

Stoneware 4

Yellowware Base

Yellowware 2

Yellowware 3

Yellowware 4

Porcelain White

English Creamware Light

English Creamware Dark

Base Flesh

Peachy Flesh

Old Sleepy Eye 1

Old Sleepy Eye 2

Old Sleepy Eye 3

Watt 2

Watt 3

Watt 4



Yellow 1

Lighter Yellow

Yellow Orange

Creamy Yellow

Yellow Green

Peachy Yellow

Tan Yellow

Yellow Gold

Yellow Tint

Dark Green Yellow

Creamy Dark Green Yellow

Ochre Green Gold

Creamy Lime Yellow Green

Yellow Ochre

Dark Yellow Ochre



Cherry Maroon


Pink A

Pink B

Pink C

Bright Pink

Peachy Rose

Peach Tan

Peach A

Peach B


Staffordshire Red


Deep Maroon

Maroon Mist

Brick Red

Dusty Rose



Creamy Orange

Milky Orange

Light Orange

Light Yellow Orange

Light Creamy Orange

Dark Orange Brown Mix

Orange Red

Darker Orange Red

Orange Tint

Orange Brown

Orange Yellow

Tan Orange

Burnt Orange

Caramel Orange

Peachy Orange

Red Orange


Yellow Ochre Orange



Dark Brown

Black Brown

Violet Brown

Purple Brown

Purple Brown Mist

Dark Purple Brown

Creamy Brown

Creamy Dark Brown

Dark Creamy Brown

Brown Violet

Cream Tan

Chocolate Brown

Light Chocolate

Creamy Tan Green

Rabbit Brown


Creamy Tan

Base Rim Creamy Tan

Stoneware Sandstone

Yellow Sandstone


Creamy Grey


Light Green

Dark Green

Black Green

Dark Black Green

Milky Green

Cream Green White

Creamy Green

Light Mint Green

Dark Mint Green

Green Blue

Dark Creamy Green Blue

Dark Green thin mist

Green Tint

Medium Green

Light Medium Green

Grey Green

Olive Green

Dark Creamy Olive Green

Dark Olive Green

Light Olive Green

Light Yellow Olive Green

Tan Green

Light Army Green Mix

Light Turquoise

Turquoise Green

Light Turquoise Green

Light Green Glaze



Dark Blue

Grey Blue

Purple Blue

Dark Purple Blue

Light Royal Blue

Mocha Blue

Old Sleepy Eye Blue

Blue Tint

Light Blue Green Grey

Light Blue Grey

Light Blue Grey Mist

Lighter Blue Grey Mist

Dark Blue Black

Light Blue Black

Milky Light Blue Black

Dark Blue Green Grey

Dark Blue Green

Mint Blue Green

Deep Blue Green

Dark Mint Blue Green

Darker Mint Blue Green

Staffordshire Blue

Milky Blue Mist

Milky Green Blue

Light Blue Glaze



Creamy Mulberry

Mulberry 1

Mulberry 2

Mulberry Glaze

Tan Purple Mist

Milky Purple Mist

"FlipAlbums" can also be viewed on slide show or auto flip.

They are easy to navigate and a fun way to learn.

This program is a wonderful way to learn Pottery Restoration at your own pace.

Large text and close up photos to show and explain restoration steps and color recipes. 


CD's are compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP

No special software is needed.

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Frog Pond Antiques

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Both CD's

The set of 12 Volumes:

Antique Pottery Restoration Process Procedures CD Vol. 1-6 (2,941 pages)

and the

Pottery Restoration Color Recipes CD Vol.1-6  (1,915 pages)

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Antique Pottery Restoration Process Procedures (Volumes 1-6)  (2,941 pages)

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Antique Pottery Restoration Color Recipes (Volumes 1-6) (1,915 pages)

  95.00 + 1.50  next day shipping. (anywhere in USA) (Insurance is optional and the cost is 2.20.)

*International sales; shipping cost is actual cost. Please email for cost.

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Thank you for your interest in pottery restoration.

100% "No questions asked" guarantee

or full refund with safe return within 10 days.

This is a great way to learn the steps of pottery restoration at your own pace, with many close up photos and detailed instructions for each step of pottery restoration.

We also offer the Stain Removal and Replacing Missing parts CD separately for 24.99 each + 1.50 shipping.

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Volume 3

Stain Removal                             24.99 +1.50 shipping

393 pages

Volume 4

Replacing Missing Parts              24.99 + 1.50 shipping

496 pages

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