Molding Process Procedures for replacing missing parts.



This CD "FlipAlbum" book contains the process procedures for replacing missing finials, handles, tips of spouts, lids, missing chunks....etc.

These techniques can also be used for replacing areas on antique picture frames or missing parts on furniture; gingerbread, claw feet...etc.

Molding and replacing missing parts

 There are 496 pages; on the "FlipAlbum" program.

"Birds eye view" of the steps of molding replacement parts; with text to explain in detail the techniques involved.

 This book will appear on your monitor and pages are turned with a click of the mouse. Either right or left page can be viewed full screen. The book can also be viewed as "slide show" or "auto flip". The "FlipAlbum" program has many options and is easy to navigate and a fun way to learn.


 This CD "FlipAlbum" book will teach you the professional techniques used; with close up photos and text to explain each step.

Creating molds for missing parts is not difficult and a good form the first time; is not unusual. The materials needed are readily available and a suppliers list is included. You will be pleasantly surprised at the low investment needed. The approximate cost of a finial replacement is .30 cents. The approximate cost of a large handle replacement is 4 dollars. This is material cost. The approximate time needed to replace a missing finial is 20 minutes; a large handle is 45 minutes. This is "hands on" time.

We have restored over 3000 pieces; with many needing parts replaced. It's one of the really fun procedures of pottery restoration.

The techniques shown; are a result of experience, careful study and success.

Some of the many beautiful pieces of pottery shown as examples of this procedure are: Historical and Romantic Staffordshire, Flow blue, Leeds, Gaudy Dutch, Old Sleepy Eye, Spatterware, Mochaware, Yellowware, Blue and White Stoneware,Salt glaze Stoneware, Weller, Rookwood, Roseville, Hull, Frankoma, Holt Howard pixieware...and more.

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