Restoration services

  Restoration services for  many types and styles of pottery, porcelain and china.


We offer restoration services on items with chips, cracks, hairlines, missing pieces, etc.

Stain Removal services are also offered.

 We take the greatest care possible to insure the highest quality of restoration.

There are different types of restorations; from a simple cleaning and repair; that will allow for a nice shelf piece to a complete restoration with a "like new appearance".

Your item will be handled with care and return shipping will be double boxed and packaged very securely.

We offer free online restoration estimates.

Please send photo for estimate.

Return time is usually 6 to 12 weeks.

We offer restoration services on items such as;

  • Fiesta

  • Flow blue

  • Frankoma

  • Gaudy Dutch/Welsh

  • Holt Howard

  • Hull

  • Leeds

  • Mochaware

  • Newcomb College

  • Old Sleepy Eye

  • Owens

  • Roseville

  • Rookwood

  • R.S. Prussia

  • Spatterware

  • Staffordshire

  • Stoneware

  • Teco

  • Weller

  • White ironstone

  • Yellowware   

    and more.


                             Customer Comments:

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank the both of you for the outstanding work that you have provide me over the past two years on repairing my various pieces of pottery. I at one time had serious reservations about purchasing damaged pottery but after some of the train wrecks that I have sent you for repair I am well over the shock of wondering if it will look right. You have fixed many items for me from minor chips to total destructions and they have all been grade "A" work. I am still amazed that you are able to fix as many variations of colors that I continue to bring you in the Frankoma, Rookwood, and Newcomb. Once again, thank you for the wonderful work. I look forward to many years of wonderful pottery repairs from the both of you. Sincerely, Tim

    Tim Murphy

    "I have used Raymond and Joanna's restoration services several times for some very expensive pieces of pottery. All of it was repaired and restored to the original condition in a timely, and business like manner. I will continue to use them to repair my pottery.

    Diana Walton


    Highly recommend. Professional restorations to treasured antique pieces, in addition to wonderful, friendly service.

    Karen Hicks

    I have been very pleased with all of the repair work that was done by Raymond and Joanna. The work was excellent, including cleaning, repairing chips and fixing serious cracks that had to be taken apart and completely restored. All of the work on the pieces was invisible and no repair work could be detected. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing restoration work for their dishes.

    Rosemary Scott

    I wish there was some way I could inform the public of the quality of your restoration work. I would put my restored pieces (by you) up against any of the so called "mint" pieces on the market today. I continue to spread the word where I can.

    Bob Ward

    Questions always welcome.


    Click on the link below to email Joanna for inquiries and restoration estimates.