Stain Removal

Process Procedures


This CD book contains the process procedures for removing stains from antique pottery, porcelain and china.

There are 393 pages using the "FlipAlbum" program.

Pages are turned with a click of the mouse.

Either page can be made to fill your screen.

"FlipAlbums" can also be viewed on slide show or auto flip.

 They are easy to navigate and a fun way to learn.

 The text on the left page explains the birds eye view shown on the right.

 We have restored over 3,000 pieces of pottery since 1991; and most needed stain removal.

 This CD was created to explain the many steps and procedures of stain removal.

 The best possible restoration requires clean stain free pottery.

 Modern state of the art glues and fill materials; adhere best to clean stain free pottery. Removing the stains and old organic "goop" and slow growing molds; will lessen the pressure on age cracks. Some tight age lines will seem to disappear.

 Stain removal returns the pottery to an almost like new appearance.

 This cleaning process is not to remove the color of the stain. It is a cleaning procedure that removes the stain; and returns the pottery to its original color.

 We believe this to be the safest and fastest way to remove stains.

This CD explains in detail with up close pictures; the stain removal procedures for Historical and Romantic Staffordshire, Flow blue, Spatterware, Mochaware, Yellowware, Gaudy ironstone, Flow mulberry, Leeds, Blue and white stoneware, Old Sleepy Eye, pearlware and more.

Pottery comes in many different types, styles, colors, soft body or hard paste, the thickness of the glaze...etc. ; as does the types of stains; such as coffee, tea, whole milk, syrups, stove drippings, smoke from wood stoves and coal oil lamps, years of shelf dust, being buried...etc.

Many of the pieces we have cleaned had 200+ years of stain.

As you view this CD; your understanding of stain removal will grow with each page; and you will gain confidence to clean pottery safely. These procedures have been tested and proven; with over 1000 pieces in our shop.


We recommend to anyone wishing to clean pottery; please view this CD first.

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